Finally...a commercial production studio

that won't take a Byte out of your budget.

We voice and produce digital audio

GLOBALLY! ...Better, faster, less expensive. Shark Bytes has

produced over 850 thousand commercials for companies like CBS TV -  ABC TV -

NBC TV - FOX TV - WB TV - CTV - City TV - Global TV - Cayman TV - FM America

in Tokyo, Japan - MTV Canada - CBC TV - Arby’s Restaurant - American Mattress -

Alberta Agriculture - Over 500 Radio Stations - Over 150 TV stations - Voortman

Cookies and thousands more clients.

Shark Bytes Studios Inc.
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15 Male & Female Voices

Male & Female - Radio & TV Commercials - Video Presentations - Narration &

Corporate Videos - Audio Books - Educational Voices - Royalty Free Music beds 

Message on-hold - Voice Tracking - Voice-Over/writing Workshops

*Prices include voicing & production per market. There is an additional $10.00

charge for each additional voice per spot.

Radio - TV - Audio

1x10 sec - $30.00  

1x15 sec - $40.00  

1x30 sec - $50.00  

1x60 sec - $60.00  

Call Toll Free: 866.944.1686 - 780.944.1686

Email: mark@sharkbytes-studios.com

Shark Bytes Demo’s - Male Voices 

Todd Demo 

Jon Demo

Sharkey Demo  

Darrel Demo

Fred Demo

Patrick Demo

Gord Demo ***This voice is NOT at Shark Bytes rates. Inquire for details.

Shark Bytes Demo’s - Female Voices 


Anne Demo 

Mary-Lou Demo 

Tara Demo

Donna Demo

Joy Demo

Wendy Demo

Shark Bytes Demo’s - Generic 


Soft Sell Demo

Medium Sell Demo 

Hard Sell Demo 

Station Id’s Demo

Jingles Demo 

Humour Demo

Want to work with Shark Bytes…but how do I get started?

It’s easy! Simply give us a phone call to describe what you’re looking for, or

request our questionnaire form via e-mail! We’d like to know what you’re looking

for in your commercial – the name of the business, what type of ad you’d like to

create, and the information you’d like the public to know! If you have your own

script, you can send it to us at anytime, just make sure to let us know about

difficult or regional pronunciations, male or female read, hard or soft sell,

background music and how you’d like us to read it for you! Also, make sure we

have your billing info! If you have any questions, you can always call us toll-free at


How fast can Shark Bytes record my audio?

Very Fast! With an available voice, sometimes as little as 1 hour. Shark Bytes

Studios provides a 24-hour turnaround in most instances. (this is 24 hours for

scripts, and another 24 for production – though we can often get both done within

one 24 hour period or faster.) Keep in mind we have a lot of clients, and will attend

to production requests in the order received. Under extenuating and rare

circumstances, such as extremely busy seasons, (such as Christmas) or if you

have requested a particular voice who is currently unavailable, the time may be


How do you handle re-do’s? Will I be charged again if my client

are unhappy with the read?

Shark Bytes Studios attempts to provide the best quality on every occasion;

however, we realize that you can’t please every one 100% of the time. Should

your client be genuinely displeased with the production, we will do our best to

accommodate changes free of charge, However, if the client is unhappy due to

script changes, going from a male read to female, factual errors, or pronunciations

that we were not given, or other factors that are outside of our control as a studio,

there will be an extra charge. After all, we need to pay our talent for every job!

How will I receive my audio and what file formats do you use?

We can accommodate most types of file formats including wav, mp3, aif, and

others. Most often, we will send a high-quality MP3 to an e-mail address you will

provide. How ever, we can accommodate larger files by uploading them to your

FTP or by posting them on our web server, so you can conveniently download

them from us. Should you need it, we can also mail or overnight express CD’s

Cassettes and reels to you – however, express sending will be done at the

requester’s expense.

How can you afford to charge such low prices?

Simply put, volume. We have over 850 clients and growing that request

commercials. We do not under any circumstance sacrifice quality. Our writers,

producers and voices work hard to ensure that every one of our clients is as

satisfied with their audio as they would be with the product from any

competing…and usually more expensive…studio.

How can I pay you?

Shark Bytes Studios will e-mail you an invoice at the end of every month for the

work you’ve done with us during that month. Currently we accept cash, checks

and Paypal, payable within 30 days of your receipt of the invoice. Should your

account fall into arrears of more than two months, production service will cease

until your account is brought up to date.

Can I request a particular voice, or more than one? Is there an

additional charge?

Generally, There is no extra charge for requesting a certain voice. Shark-Bytes

Studios includes one voice free with your spots. In the case of multi-voice ads,

you will be charged an additional $10 per-voice fee. These prices are listed


I need a music bed! Can you send me one?

Yes! Shark Bytes has a variety of Royalty Free Music bed's for purchase ($20.00).

You will find the link on the main page. We also have the ability to compose

unique music beds to fit almost any description – though this service will come

with a per-hour studio charge and will extend the 24-hour turnaround of your spot.

Can you do character voices, accents and celebrity


Absolutely! Just let us know who you’re looking for, and we’ll do our best to

accommodate. However, some announcers may do this at a slightly increased

rate, taken on a case by case basis!

Shark-Bytes Studios Inc. has the right to refuse any production requests.